Integration Circle

​"Danae’s integration support was crucial to my fulfilling experience. She helped me acknowledge my growth so that it could be celebrated and in that way my new behaviors really stuck!" Allanah

You Are Powerful!

You have the power - and the responsibility - to take an active role in maintaining a clean, clear, and cared-for True Self. This includes moving with intention to create your life.

The universe supports you in your desires. So, let's make them happen!

Join me in an engaging monthly circle dedicated to the practice of manifestation using planetary architypes and the astrological energies at play. Experience real and lasting change in your relationships and day-to-day life with an actionable plan, accountability and highly personalized guidance.

The whole circle is pure magic.

While I would love to offer this fun and fulfilling circle to the entire world, at this time it is exclusively available to those who have journeyed with me in deep healing so that you can be supported in fully integrating your journey experience and learnings.

What You Get

  • Monthly 2-hour virtual group in supportive community.

  • Astrology report on the New Moon and planetary architype we are working with.

  • Suggestions on how these energies support you in your exact manifestation intention.

  • A magical opening ritual to connect with Higher Self.

  • Manifestation ritual to launch your desire into Divine Will.

  • Manifestation process and worksheet so that you are clear on the next actions to take.

And, most importantly, this circle offers you dedicated time and sacred space to intentionally design the life your soul desires. It is magical and powerful. And, so are you!!!

Intention & Commitment

Commitment to Self

This is a 2-hour monthly circle with a 3 month commitment. Once you have committed to the time, commit to the outcome by following through with the magic manifestation process.

Commitment from Danae

I am here to support, guide, and provide safe space for WHATEVER comes up for you. Our circle is Sacred Space which means everything shared is confidential and you are welcomed, accepted, and valued as you are, however you are. All moods and emotions are welcomed.


Virtually every Thursday closest to the new moon from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific Time.

In-person we gather the same day as above from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

There are no circles in July & August.

$40 per month.

All proceeds go to the Ecosophy Fund.

Danae Jensen, RCT

Soulful Healing Guide

[email protected]

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