You are determined, passionate, ambitious and courageous.

You want to contribute your unique gifts to the world!

But you feel stuck and frustrated by the struggle to maintain inspiration, motivation, or energy to push forward and manifest your true desires.

Perhaps you're beginning to feel hopeless that anything will ever change.

Let me assure you, there is magic in this life and it is your birthright.

Hidden instilled limiting beliefs, childhood wounding, and societal conditioning are energetic cords that keep women from actualizing their full power. These ideas are accepted and held in our body and subconscious mind which powerfully steers us to stay stuck in the same old un-serving patterns - preventing you from stepping into your power and from fulfilling your true potential.

Healing is the best gift you can give yourself, your children, and the world!

Here's how I can help.

I work with the fundamental truth that your True Self is whole and good. If you are suffering, there are constraints placed on you or absorbed by you through trauma, wounding, or conditioning. You are not broken and there is nothing to fix. There is only to release.

To ensure you get the most profound release, together we custom-curate your unique healing journey based on your needs, comfort level, and resources. Your Journey may be a single modality or a combination of the offerings listed below such as in-person and virtual sessions of Root Cause Therapy, Transpersonal Hypnosis, Dream Work, and Plant Medicines.

A Healing Container is typically 5-8 weeks including preparation, deep healing, and integration.

Investments range from $450 to $4000 depending on your choices.

To get started ...

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Best for those going through a time of transition such as the ending a relationship, career, or stepping into the discomfort of a new era in your life. This journey sets you on the path that is right for you so that you can move forward while leaving old patterns behind.

Expect self-love, self-acceptance and self-trust as major results.

This Journey is the same as above and you journey on your own, at your own pace with online modules.

I am there to support you if you need anything along the way.

Root Cause Therapy is for those ready to break free from limiting beliefs and heal from childhood wounding or deeper trauma. It is effective for mental health, addictions, and severe detrimental patterns.

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"What a wonderful experience. Danae's voice is so soothing and she makes the whole experience amazing. Super recommended, looking forward to another session soon. Thanks again!"


I highly recommend this journey for anyone; it is the best gift you can give to yourself and essentially to the world. I can sense that I now vibrate on a higher frequency that is catchy, a contagion that we can all benefit from!


I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Thank you Danae for freeing my spirit and helping me heal this story for my children and all the generations to come.


Danae Jensen, RCT

Soulful Healing Guide

[email protected]

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