Kind Words from Ceremony Clients

"If you are stuck in a place you have found yourself in over and over and are ready to move forward but have run out of ways to know how, Danae can help. Most of us walk through life re living generational trauma that we cant see or know. This journey offers freedom from ourselves and the stories we were born into. Danae is the most beautiful loving human. She provides a safe non judgmental space for you to get venerable and in turn heal and grow! After the ceremony with Danae the world smelled different, looked different and felt so much safer. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Thank you Danae for freeing my spirit and helping me heal this story for my children and all the generations to come." ~ Hannah

"Danae’s innate intuition and personal guidance were an essential part in helping me discover ‘un-serving narratives’ from my childhood that had been directing my entire life in non-beneficial ways. With compassion, kindness and openness she led me to my shadow realms and provided her light to show me what I needed to uncover and make peace with. The uncovering was extreme for me in body and emotion. Danae held the necessary space for me with such an amazing strength , gentleness and warmth. The clarity that she guided me to allowed me to let go of those affecting elements of my past and into a brighter and more serving present. If you are ready for a deep exploration into the healing of Self, I highly recommend her services." ~Alex

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with someone like you, Danae. Know that you are certainly a remarkable person, and being such a transformative figure in one's life is truly special. I now base my life and thoughts around the "before" and "after" journey like it's a milestone that now seems to be the everyday key reference which is profound." ~Anonymous

"What surprised me most about the experience was how much of the shift happens after your ceremony and how many ways it has affected my life. It feels like it has touched all areas. ... it feels like every week I feel more myself. It feels so big and the more time passes the more momentum I have. I can finally accept life for what it is. I can be happy now I have that" ~Anonymous

Self-Paced & Live Group Journey Case Studies

  • The Journey was worth every penny.

  • I would highly recommend this journey to my friends.

  • I would take this journey again.

  • If I felt ready, I would trust Danae to guide me in to deeper healing.

Client: Ann's Journey to Clarity

Ann had a pretty impactful evening at the Driftwood Dome that led her to join a Live Group Journey to dive deeper healing.

Ann's primary goal was to find some clarity in her life. You know how it is – juggling dreams and feeling the pressure of time ticking away. Relatable, isn't it? The journey promised "Soul-Aligned Blissful Success and Well-being." For Ann, that translated to achieving a sense of calm, reducing life's struggles, and basking in a feeling of accomplishment.

She was candid about her challenges, particularly a strong need for control and the frustration of not seeing the same commitment to personal growth in those around her. Real talk.

As the weeks passed, Ann's journey took an unexpected turn. It wasn't about forging a new path but rediscovering the one she was already on. Imperfections became stepping stones, a concept she found quite profound.

Tangible changes surfaced – more love, blissful moments, and an overall sense of accomplishment. Not a complete makeover, but a subtle transformation offering acceptance and joy in the life she already forged for herself. Internally, Ann underwent a shift, learning to embrace herself, practice patience, and maintain hope. Fundamental stuff.

A surprising revelation for Ann was the ability to clear her mind and focus on her well-being. Unexpected, yet very welcome.

  • The Journey was worth every penny.

  • I would highly recommend this journey to my friends.

  • I would take this journey again.

  • I plan to dive into deeper healing with Danae.

Client: Barb's Path to Inner Healing

The sanctuary-like Driftwood Dome, providing a distraction-free zone for deep introspection, was a significant allure. Having traversed various forms of therapy over the years, Barb felt the need to go beyond the surface wounds and explore the untapped depths within.

Barb's intention was crystal clear—she sought a dedicated time and a safe space to address the childhood hurt she carried. A recent birth chart reading emphasized the importance of clearing emotional clutter, and Barb resonated deeply with it. Talk therapy had its merits, but the deeper wounds persisted. Dreams whispered with recurring emotions of anger and frustration, signaling a call for a more profound healing space.

For Barb, "Soul-Aligned Blissful Success and Well-being" meant living more deeply and less broadly. It meant recognizing and connecting with all layers of her complex self, moving away from the distracting headspace and finding peace and inner joy rooted in the divine within.

Identifying un-serving patterns in her life, Barb pondered if they were mere symptoms of old wounds seeking an outlet. She expressed a desire to live without the reactive existence and underlying distrust she harbored towards her mother. Though intellectually she accepted the family situation, emotionally, there was a layer of resentment and protectiveness that she sought to release.

Now, Barb's previous experience with hypnosis was during childbirth, a deep and powerful inner space she accessed without formal training. Reflecting on the possibility of revisiting that state, she expressed hope in doing so with guidance, perhaps in the dome.

As the weeks unfolded, unexpected shifts occurred. Barb found a surprising calmness and reduced reactivity in her daily life. Emotional release, though anticipated in the dome, manifested unexpectedly outside the sessions, allowing for the on-going transformation that extended outside of the 5-week healing container.

The two significant takeaways were the unexpected emotional release and the "AHA" moment of envisioning a life without the weight of the emotional walls. In sharing her transformative experience, Barb's journey became a testament to the power of deep healing and the profound impact it can have beyond the sessions in the dome.

  • If I felt ready, I would trust Danae to guide me in to deeper healing.

Client: Claire's Quest for Authenticity

Claire had been reflecting a lot on herself, realizing she was often out of touch with her true authentic self. When she stumbled upon this journey, it felt like the perfect opportunity for growth.

Now, Claire's intention was a bit open-ended. No specific explanations, just an interest in the experience and a thirst for learning something new. A journey into the unknown, you could say.

"Soul-Aligned Blissful Success and Well-being" for Claire was a concept that sounded like the opposite of anxiety and stress – something she felt she needed more of in her life.

Identifying un-serving patterns, she recognized a tendency toward people-pleasing and entering into relationships that lacked authenticity, support, or inspiration.

Claire's takeaways were profound. First, she realized there was something blocking her from going deeper in the hypnosis sessions. Second, she grappled with the challenge of determining her own desires, a revelation that sparked introspection.

Fast forward four weeks post-dome session, and Claire was able to manifest the answer to why she felt the need to be there. It dawned on her the profound impact her life had borne from a faulty belief system formed at the tender age of six after her parents' split.

The most significant internal shift for Claire was gaining a new perspective on her life. She unearthed the roots of a belief system that drove her to constantly strive for perfection, hoping to recreate the family environment of her childhood. This newfound awareness allowed her to see the lens through which she had been viewing relationships, and she embraced the opportunity to start learning healthier patterns.

What surprised Claire most about her journey was the realization of the work she needed to do on herself and her view of healthy relationships. Despite the challenges uncovered, she expressed gratitude for the experience, acknowledging the profound impact it had on her journey toward authenticity.

  • The Journey was worth every penny.

  • I would highly recommend this journey to my friends.

  • I would take this journey again.

  • I plan to dive into deeper healing with Danae.

Client: Denise's Journey to Self-Love

Denise was inspired to join through a familial connection. Seeing the potential for growth, Denise embraced the opportunity to embark on her own journey.

Denise's intention was clear and focused – self-love. She recognized the need for emotional stability and sought a path towards eliminating negative self-talk that had become a recurring pattern in her life.

"Soul-Aligned Blissful Success and Well-being" for Denise meant finding emotional stability and eradicating negative self-talk. A journey toward self-love and acceptance.

The journey brought forth two significant realizations for Denise. First, she understood that the way she treated others was a direct reflection of how she treated and thought about herself. A profound recognition that echoed the interconnectedness of personal and interpersonal healing.

The second takeaway for Denise was the calmness and sense of happiness she experienced. The journey allowed her to embrace herself, both mind and body, fostering acceptance.

Denise's journey was a testimony to the power of self-love and acceptance, unveiling the potential for healing not only within herself but also in the relationships she cultivated.

  • The Journey was worth every penny.

  • I would highly recommend this journey to my friends.

  • I would take this journey again.

  • If I felt ready, I would trust Danae to guide me in to deeper healing.

Elizabeth's Expedition to Authentic Self-Connection

Elizabeth joined after hearing the enthusiastic sharing of her friend's experience in the circle. Feeling a bit out of sorts and disconnected from her true self, Elizabeth was inspired to seek a path back to authenticity.

Elizabeth's hope for the journey was clear – to find her way home, reconnecting with the part of herself buried under the demands of daily life. She aspired to discover the motivation to align her actions with her intentions and embody the person she truly wanted to be.

"Soul-Aligned Blissful Success and Well-being" for Elizabeth meant doing what she deeply desired, honoring her true self. It was about following the path that resonated with her authentic being, leading to both success and a profound sense of well-being.

Identifying un-serving patterns, Elizabeth recognized challenges in following through with intentions, running from conflict, and succumbing to unhealthy habits in food and exercise, which affected her sense of self.

During the journey, Elizabeth experienced the powerful sensation of her third eye, a connection to her higher self that manifested during moments of alignment. It became a guiding force in her journey.

The experience of letting go and paying attention to herself was a revelation for Elizabeth. Noticing emotions without judgment, she felt a subtle yet transformative shift. She found herself calmer, living on an even keel, no longer relying on unhealthy habits to cope with frustration, boredom, or anger.

Acceptance became a key theme in Elizabeth's journey. She embraced herself without the need to fight against perceived flaws. This subtle shift in perspective prompted healthier choices – a desire for walks, stretching, and satisfaction with a salad, signaling a departure from old, self-sabotaging patterns.

Reflecting on the sessions, Elizabeth marveled at the depth she reached and how effortlessly she could return. The changes were subtle, yet she noticed a shift in herself, a quiet strength and calmness that persisted even two weeks after the last session. Elizabeth's journey underscored the enduring impact of self-exploration and the subtle yet profound transformations that can occur.

  • The Journey was worth every penny.

  • I would highly recommend this journey to my friends.

  • I would take this journey again.

  • If I felt ready, I would trust Danae to guide me in to deeper healing.

Client: Freya's Journey to Inner Peace

Let's embark on Freya's transformative journey in the Live Group Journey. What led Freya into this exploration was a mix of inspiration from her neighbor and an inherent curiosity that prompted her to take the plunge.

Freya's intention for the journey was profound – to be at peace with herself and life. She sought a sense of centeredness and tranquility that had eluded her.

"Soul-Aligned Blissful Success and Well-being" for Freya boiled down to feeling centered and at peace. A journey towards self-acceptance and inner serenity.

Identifying un-serving patterns, Freya acknowledged self-criticism, regret, and guilt as challenges she wished to overcome. Her past history of abuse added complexity to her journey.

The journey brought about notable changes for Freya. She discovered better ways of coping, leading to a profound sense of peace and happiness. The revelation of how much better she could feel surprised her, especially as a self-professed skeptic. Now, she's a firm believer and intends to repeat the journey.

Freya's outlook became notably more positive, a general uplift that spoke to the transformative power of just five short weeks. The realization of the difference these weeks made in her life left Freya in awe of the journey's impact.

Freya's journey serves as a testament to the transformative potential that lies within, waiting to be unlocked through introspection and self-discovery.

  • The Journey was worth every penny.

  • I would highly recommend this journey to my friends.

  • I would take this journey again.

  • If I felt ready, I would trust Danae to guide me in to deeper healing.

Client: Gianna's Continuation of an Incredible Journey

For Gianna, her journey is not just a series of sessions; it's a nuanced continuation, a steady progression in an incredible exploration, with eight dome sessions under her belt (but who's counting?).

Gianna's journey began with a gnawing feeling, a sense that there's a purpose waiting for her. She hoped this exploration would connect her with that elusive purpose, leading her to be more in tune with nature, hear messages around her, and trust in her path without second-guessing.

Identifying un-serving patterns, Gianna recognized aspects like too much social media scrolling, being too hard on her hubby, and struggling with self-trust – all areas she aimed to address.

The revelation moments for Gianna were profound. She realized that she didn't have to 'know' her purpose explicitly, finding liberation in focusing on things she loves and people she cherishes. The shift in perspective from this realization was palpable.

Gianna's journey unfolded with unexpected gifts. Letting go of the need for full control opened up opportunities, with two people entering her life unexpectedly, sharing her gardening style and becoming fast friends on various levels. Witnessing the positive impact on her friend, Loree, added another dimension of joy.

A pivotal moment occurred when Gianna faced frustration, remembered Danae's words, "I have everything I need," and found the issue resolved upon her return. This practical application of the journey's lessons brought a tangible sense of empowerment.

Gianna's insight into life's true essence became a resonant affirmation – "I have everything I need." It echoed through various aspects of her life, emphasizing the importance of living in the moment and appreciating the abundance already present.

In the end, Gianna realized the contentment she felt in her life and recognized that indeed, she had everything she needed. Her journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery, affirmation, and letting go within the gentle embrace of the dome.

Client names and images have been changed to ensure confidentiality.

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